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7 Top Tips to Boost Restaurant Loyalty with Millennials

Boost Restaurant Loyalty with Millennials

People eat out a lot these days. And a lot of these people who end up eating out are millennials, ranging from around 20 to 35 years of age. 

There seems to be a myriad of reasons behind this phenomenon, but the fact of the matter is millennials are choosing to eat out more than previous generations and are the biggest client base for restaurants.

Millennials spend 44% of their food dollars (versus 40% of baby boomers) on dining out, according to the Food Institute’s analysis of the United States Department of Agriculture’s food expenditure data.

The amount of food dollars spent on restaurants and takeaway has steadily increased over the years, from 34% in 1974 to 50% in 2014, the analysis showed. Continue Reading

9 Awesome Ways For Restaurants To Rock Instagram

It may be only six years old but Instagram has taken the world by storm. The photo-sharing app boasts a global community of over 500 million, who capture and share the world’s moments on the service.

With its seamless integration with Facebook, Instagram is a perfect marketing tool for restaurants. Especially since food is all about imagery!

The Facebook-Instagram link is truly a two-birds-with-one-stone marketing opportunity. It helps you cast the largest net possible through a single post. Continue Reading

One Secret and 12 Ways To Creating A Buzzing Restaurant Business

The restaurant business is a big business. Everyone loves to go out and eat and consumers nowadays are spoilt for choice. In the United States alone, there are over 1 million restaurants in operation. Across the nation and restaurant industry sales are projected to hit USD782.7 billion in 2016.

About 10% of the US workforce is taken up by 14.4 million restaurant industry employees. Not surprising given half of all adults in the country have worked at a restaurant at some point in their lives.

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